Kim Clark resides in beautiful Corunna, a short distance from Sarnia, Ontario.  Kim maintains her Ontario real estate license with RECO and would love to refer you within her vast network of Realtors from all over Canada. If you or a family member are not currently working with an agent, please contact Kim directly and ask about the "By Referral Only" program. This is offered exclusively through Kim Clark as she wants to ensure you receive a stress-free real estate transaction.


In 2013, Kim authored the book, "It's Just a Little Change".  She recognized that many people in society were facing financial challenges.  With the knowledge she has gained over the past 15 years, she has incorporated this information into an easy to read guide.  This book has been written to help people of all income levels to take control of their finances and relieve themselves of overbearing debt.

In 2014, Kim created the 2 hour Transform Your Financial Destiny Seminar that teaches individuals of all ages how to eliminate credit and get out of debt. For more information on booking a seminar for your company or organization, please email for more details.

As a Real Estate Sales Representative, she feels that financial literacy is very important in today's world.  It is her goal to help the people she encounters, so they can have the opportunity to make their financial dreams come true.


Kim branded The Solution Wizard Series which focuses on self-improvement topics to help you take back your life in many areas. The second book in the series, "Morning Glory" focuses on changing your perspective so that you may lead a more positive life. The third book in The Solution Wizard Series published in 2015 is titled "Let GOD Handle the Details". This small but powerful book is designed to inspire HOPE in individuals who are faced with serious illness or disease.   At the end of 2015, devastation rocked Kim's world when her teenage son was ripped from her life in a motor vehicle collision.  There was no time for final good-byes, as he died at the scene.  She thought her life was over.

Months later, Kim decided to finish publishing her next book, "Outside My Window" that was in the works, just before her son's passing, as she knew Logan would want her to finish what she had started.

The journey of loss and tragedy consumed her life as she retreated in 2016 to attempt to heal her emotional wounds.  Out of her grief, she began to journal and those entries have painted a brighter picture for hope in the future.  The book "Butterfly Kisses From Beyond" came into existence, as her tirade of grief exploded onto pages, upon pages of emotional turmoil and life-changing experiences.  Her perspective of life has completely transformed and she has come to the realization that existence does go on.

The next two books in the series were released in 2018 and helps individuals realize the greater world that we are all a part of.  Discover your internal self and reprogram the way you think with "Believe - in the Power that is YOU" and "Words that Change Your Life - Simple Affirmations that WORK!" 

To help people in another aspect, The Solution Wizard expanded it's business model to include a holistic approach to helping society deal with physical conditions.  It was realized that in order to achieve overall well-being (which is the mission of The Solution Wizard), it is imperative to treat MIND, BODY and SOUL.  This line of natural organic products to help fight common ailments was the perfect addition to service its clients.

Kim Halerwich-Clark is taking on new clients from around the world for personal one-on-one coaching sessions.  If you are feeling stuck due to obstacles that are affecting your personal life, I will assist you in transforming your life, so you can move beyond your current circumstances.  If you are struggling with personal finances issues, dealing with set-backs, relationship barriers or having trouble surviving the loss of a loved one, Kim will guide you towards a life full of promise and stability.  Contact me today to arrange a private session or find out more about how I can help you overcome challenges that face you.


The Solution Wizard is dedicated to finding the answers you are searching for in all aspects of your life.




Kim Clark, 
Founder and CEO of The Solution Wizard Company


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Contact Kim today if you do not have a Realtor and she would be pleased to connect you to one of her many real estate agent connections across Canada! 

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